Digital Signage – Commercial, North East

Digital Signage is changing the way in which businesses and schools communicate.

Digital Signage is great for instore promotions, receptions, entrance halls, presentation areas, live TV or Video feed. You can display powerful information in HD such as HTML with javascript, Adobe Flash Content, RSS feeds

A Digital Signage solution is based around a display device or series of display devices, which are used to show constantly changing video, graphics, text, and animation. This can include the likes of TV systems, LCD displays and projectors at the click of a few buttons.

At Cloverdale we are committed to help businesses understand the advantages that digital signage can bring to both schools and businesses across the UK.

From a single TV system to TV displays or projectors throughout your organisation we can help both design, install and support.

Our Digital Signage installation services include:

  • The control of multiple screens at multiple locations
  • Play recorded and live video, display text and scrolling words.
  • Display graphics, photos with annotations and movies.
  • Schedule content to be shown at a certain times
  • Show presentations
  • Integrate video feeds from video conferencing calls both live or recorded sessions.

Benefits of Digital Signage in the Corporate Sector:

  • Reception introduction/welcome message
  • Meeting room information and times for companies
  • Corporate video presentations
  • Emergency Information
  • Menus outside of restaurants
  • Training / Presentations

Benefits for the Healthcare Sector for Digital Signage:

  • Guidance to different departments
  • Entertainment in waiting rooms
  • Education of health problems
  • Emergency Alerts.

Digital Signage is becoming more and more popular especially in shopping centres, supermarkets, health sector, retail outlets, car dealerships, airports etc. With digital signage it helps engage customers with your message or brand, deliver information, entertain people whist waiting around and overall it captures peoples attention.

To find out more about our digital signage solutions for your business give us a call today. CONTACT US