DALI Lighting Testimonial

Chas Harvey testimonial relating to Schneider Leeds: C Bus Lighting Control installed by Cloverdale

DALI Lighting

Schneider Electric’s decision to install Clipsal C Bus into their manufacturing plant in Leeds was based on two criteria, energy saving & lighting control. Lubio voltage regulation had been previously fitted and offered energy savings by dimming the existing high bay SON fittings. The dimming was applicable across the whole production area irrespective of the lighting requirements or processes being carried out. C Bus lighting replaced Lubio and T5 dimmable fluorescent luminaires replaced the high bay fittings. Schneider Electric was fully aware of market trends and decided to incorporate DALI lighting ballasts into the new fittings, as DALI is now highly specified in commercial applications such as schools, office blocks, factories, etc. The main benefit of DALI is its ability to address each individual fitting and adjust its light output depending on the lighting level required for purpose. This is where the largest energy savings are made; no need to have fittings running @ 100% if enough ambient daylight is present or light areas that are not being used on the factory floor. The C Bus system integrates perfectly with DALI lighting control and acts as a master to the fittings through a software head end called Schedule Plus. The Schneider Electric site has light level sensors, passive infrared sensors and localised switches that allow the system to be automatically run with provision for localised control when required and authorised. As the name suggests, Schedule Plus is able to be programmed with the exact shift patterns throughout the week/month/year and can be modified to mirror the production floor activity. Schedule Plus also receives feedback from the DALI ballasts and faults can be identified should a lamp or ballast fail. Indeed, if a lamp does fail, the system will turn on the remaining lamps in the fitting to 100% ensuring minimum disruption to the lighting level! Having a system that is fully monitored also saves money by being able to accurately schedule planned maintenance programmes. Schneider Electric are so pleased with the  that they warmly welcome interested parties, be it consultants, specifiers, contractors or end user, to come to our site to view the system for themselves! You will not be disappointed! Light fittings supplied by Cloverdale Systems Integration Ltd and Schneider Clipsal C - Bus equipment was also commissioned and programmed by Cloverdale System Integration Ltd

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