Energy Management – North East

At Cloverdale System Integration Ltd our objective is to help deliver effective Energy Management services to help manage your energy consumption and costs in the most effective way. Our Energy Management services cover a wide range of specialist services which include; utility management, Metering, lighting, BMS Systems and Heating Control.

With our expert knowledge and the powerful benefits of our Energy Management systems we will be able to help provide you with cost effective solutions for your requirements. Cloverdale offer efficient management of energy which is tailored for your individual requirements. We are able to install Schneider Electrics SEMS systems. The award winning metering & monitoring solution, this simplifies the complexity of energy management once we have installed this system it gives you complete control over it.

The Schneider system is a new and innovative way to analyzing energy consumption. The system can meter WAGES which is water, air, gas, electricity and steam consumption to identify the most relevant areas for improving energy usage. The system can also be used to perform calculations to show trends and identify further energy saving opportunities.

This technology has been specifically designed for small to medium size buildings, such as retailers and small offices to offer a comprehensive energy management system for smaller commercial outlets. Another key benefit of this the Schneider approach is so that the information can be displayed, in line with user preferences. E.g., in retail environments, the user may require energy usage to be displayed in relation to per square foot of retail space. However when used in conjunction with carbon reporting, it may be more useful to have the data displayed in CO2 emissions.

For more information on our Energy Management Services please give us a call and ask for a site survey today.