Home Cinema Design & Installation

Home Cinema Design & Installation

Cloverdale are specialists in bespoke home entertainment and home audio systems projects. From a simple home theatre in your living room, to a whole-house control system, with lighting control and audio-visual systems,

Home Cinema

Have you thought about building a home cinema into your own home? With the sophistication of the home theatre equipment available today, a home theatre can be achieved on a relatively modest budget.

At Cloverdale our installers provide a professional home cinema installation service to whatever scale you require including organizing all building works required. The home cinema systems we install can allow you to watch television, Sky, Blu-ray, DVD, play computer games or have your own Hard Drive with all your movie collection on and available on demand. All this on a system that can help give you that cinematic experience even in 3D if required.

Not only do we design and install your home cinema system we will also calibrate your audio and video systems to ensure that you receive an optimal output.

Projector Installations; This option allows you to achieve a home cinema system with great results. Projector screens can be hidden in the ceiling and can project across a whole wall if required.

For your home cinema you have the option of LCD, LED and Plasma TV`s which are available up to 152” screen size. Projectors are generally the way forward above 60” screen size however and these can be supplied to suit a verity of budgets, 3D included.

All of your equipment including the lighting in your home cinema can be controlled from one remote control.